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Transparency, Ethics and Responsibiity in Government.


Learning as a priority in education, local control of the budget, and protection of the children from indoctrination.

Defend and promote our Constitution and rights of exercise of faith, protection of freedom and ending abortion.


Advance opportunities for economic development.


Protect our water, resources, and way of life.


Work alongside Law enforcement to provide them with resources needed to protect our communities.


Dear Friends,


It is an honor of a lifetime to serve each of you across district 6 in the Oklahoma State Senate. As I wrap up my first term in office, I want to thank each of you for your prayers, support, and ongoing communication with me on your needs and our shared vision for a strong and successful Southeast Oklahoma, with economic opportunity, excellence in education, and the peace of mind in knowing in our uncertain world that our constitutional rights are championed and secured at our Oklahoma state capitol.


I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with conservative leaders as we stand against federal overreach, fight to end abortion in Oklahoma, advance economic freedom and religious liberty, defend and grow our constitutional freedoms, and re-build an economy based on innovation diversified revenue streams and free market opportunities, not Marxism and redistribution of wealth.


Our rural public schools continue to be integral to our communities and our future, and I am proud to support funding for their commitment to our children – over $800 million appropriated funding during my first term in office. At a time when schools are looking for additional revenue streams as our economy recovers from COVID, I co-authored legislation to allow schools to bring in an additional $35 million in private donations, and championed increased vocational and apprenticeship opportunities - and more dollars to bring those plans to reality. 


Just as we fight federal overreach from Washington, DC, local control for our rural priorities is also critical to our communities. I fought against ending the 4-day school week, removal of 2 year look back funding, vouchers, and many other harmful policies that would hurt rural public schools, including policies that attack all public schools instead of stopping bad actors.


And, speaking of federal overreach, I am proud to lead the fight to stop indoctrination of students - as they are lumped into the same category as those urban schools and national programs who push indoctrination over learning in both common and higher ed. I will continue to fight, as our children, and all children, should have the ability to receive an excellent education.  



In Humble Service to Our Republic,


State Senator David Bullard

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