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Accomplishments & Endorsements




  • Teacher Carry - allowing teachers to carry and train with local law enforcement to protect kids in schools. 

  • Capital Carry - allowing people with Conceal to Carry permit to carry in the Capital. 

  • Constitutional Carry – Allowing Citizens of Oklahoma to carry without a permit using the Constitution as their permit. 

  • Anti-Red Flag Law: Coauthor - Stops Red Flag laws from being instated in Oklahoma. 

  • 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State: Coauthor - Protects LE from confiscating guns and says they cannot be confiscated. 

  • Author of SJR 21 to strengthen our 2nd Amendment in the Oklahoma Constitution. 

  • Co Authored many bills to protect and grow 2nd Amendment freedom. 

  • A++ Ok2A rated. 





  • Science Education Act - Bill to protect teachers who challenge climate change and Evolution using peer reviewed data. 

  • Student Bill of Rights for Common Ed and Higher Ed – To stop indoctrination of students in schools across Oklahoma. 

  • SB1775: Author - Stops Gender Diversity and Neutrality training as well as bans Critical Race Theory from being taught in both higher ed and common ed schools.

  • Authored multiple bills to increase vocational training and expand opportunities for more training and apprenticeships in Oklahoma. 

  • SB132 - Increased enrollment to Oklahoma’s Promise by allowing Juniors to opt into the program. 

  • CLO – ran a bill to make the CLO put more money from the trust into public schools. 

  • Authored and Co-authored bill to move local elections to June and November for better voter turnout and more informed voters. 

  • Strong voting record of protecting local control and protecting education. 

  • Introduced legislation to require mental health to work with schools before releasing a student in their services back to school without 10 days warning and planning.

  • Coauthored bill to protect teachers from being forced onto union rolls and must be the teachers opt in. 




  • Oklahoma Right to Shop: Coauthor - to try and lower insurance costs. 

  • Authored bill to bring in Free Standing ER’s to help with hospital access. 

  • Authored anti-delisting bill to help Oklahomans get the care of doctors they want and paid for. 

  • Authored bill to make sure that insurance companies send bills to physicians and not to patients with no warning of need to pay. 

  • Mental Health Transport – A law to treat mental health transporters as patients and not prisoners. Sets up a transport system for Mental Health on secondary transport so our officers can protect and serve while mental health brings better care to their patients. 




  • Anti-Doxing – a law to protect the privacy of Law Enforcement and County elected officials as well as their families. 

  • ICE required cooperation – forces Jails to cooperate with ICE officials on detainer for illegal immigrants. 

  • Authored bill to require pretrial release to have same reporting requirement as Bondsman 

  • Worked to protect Bondsman as a private sector need in communities. 

  • Right to self-protect in riots: Coauthored - allows people trapped by rioters to use their vehicle to get them to safety and away from danger. 




  • SB1728 to end abortion using the civil liability route. Civil liability risk for abortion    doctors who use fraud to coerce a woman into getting an abortion. 

  • HB1102 – licensure suspension for a physician who performs and abortion. 

  • HB2441 – bans all abortions after a heartbeat has been detected. 

  • SJR17 – Constitutional change to ban selective abortions and with an exception for the life of the mother in extreme danger.
    • SB905 – Authored bill to allow Oklahoma Blood centers even out blood donations and get more when it is needed during times of crisis. This new law is the first in the Nation of this kind. 




  • Worked with Pharmacists and coauthored legislation to control PBM’s and keep drug prices down and keep local stores healthy. 

  • Introduced legislation to stop physicians who are over-prescribing and will continue to work on this issue. 

  • Introduced legislation to help physicians exempt an overpriced e-prescription that solves no problem and makes it harder to recruit doctors into rural areas. 

  • Authored and co-authored legislation to ban the government from requiring immunizations and mask mandates. 

  • Authored and coauthored bills to stop employers from required immunization as condition of employment. 

  • Coauthored bill to expand home food markets across Oklahoma. 

  • Authored and Co-Authored bills to help Tag Agencies ability to process more tags and driver’s licenses across the state. Worked with Tag Agencies to help with the problem of real ID and driver’s licenses shortages.

  • Formed and active with a radar task force to bring a NOAA Radar system to SE Oklahoma so we can have better warning systems for severe weather. Worked to get the funding for this system through state dollars. 




  • Authored HB2008 to expand beef producer’s ability to process and sell beef locally and intrastate. 

  • Authored bill to promulgate rules on intrastate beef production and create digital inspection to increase processing capabilities. 




  • Authored and pioneered in Stream Flow bills to begin studying water flow in Oklahoma to have accurate data on needs on consumptive and non-consumptive water use. Currently still working on bills to defend water in SE Oklahoma and to create Economic Flows to ensure our water stays in Oklahoma. 

  • Staunch defender of SE Oklahoma water and water rights. 

  • Authored The Future Lakes of Oklahoma bill to create a system of funding to build more lakes in Oklahoma both for water collection, use, and the economy.

  • Participated in Water study with the Upper Illinois. 

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