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About David Bullard

An award-winning former AP History teacher, David Bullard and his wife Amber Bullard - an
is Assistant Principal at Durant High School, have served many years on the front lines of education. Having taught both in Oklahoma and Texas, Senator Bullard works tirelessly to achieve real solutions to the education challenges in our state. From funding to best practice excellence, Senator Bullard is accomplishing the results needed, and he will continue to work for our next generation’s future. David Bullard is a deacon at Fairview Baptist Church in Durant. David and Amber have two children who attend Durant Public Schools.


Pro-Business: With a long family history of ranching, wood working in his family’s Dulcimer Factory in Bennington, and extensive experience in the construction industry and real estate, David Bullard is as pro-business as it gets. Senator David Bullard has earned a bachelor’s degree from SOSU, and a master’s degree, giving him both the training and life experience to help Senator Bullard navigate successfully the critical decisions facing the legislature - from modernizing government, reforming tax codes, improving education, building a better infrastructure, and equipping public safety for a strong future for our district and Oklahoma. 

Coalition Builder: Senator Bullard works to build a consensus - even when faced with challenges during the pandemic and rebuilding the economy when strongly held beliefs of all perspectives were championed. He has focused on an even- handed, open-dialogue approach knowing that the right solutions come when we work together to become a top ten state. 


Committee Assignments: Senator Bullard serves on four committees crucial to our region’s needs: the Agriculture and Wildlife Committee, the Energy Committee, the Judiciary Committee and serves as Vice Chair of the Rules Committee. 

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